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Ketamine or Keta, also known as Special k is a drug that can be used against pain. It is actually an anesthetic, which is used in animals and humans.ketamineEarlier there was another anesthetic that turned out to have too many side effects and has therefore been replaced by Ketamine.

The side effect that many experiences as positive are hallucinations. It may be that people are looking for these hallucinations and using them as drugs. Laughing gas is also used for spacing. It’s no wonder, then, that ketamine has also entered the drug market. Ketamine is available in different forms namely powder and liquid form.

When used as a drug, the powder form is usually used because it can be snorted. Liquid ketamine has to be injected into the muscles. This will probably not soon be used as a drug, but rather by a doctor. We do not sell ketamine as recreational drugs but as medicine. We have many customers who use our Ketamine for their chronic pain and depressive symptoms. They benefit greatly from this.


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