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we develop innovative products that help treat neurological and psychiatric conditions. It’s about more than science and research, though. It’s about the real impact these products have on people by helping to improve their health.


We have a diverse portfolio of products that treat psychiatric and neurological conditions including ADHD, epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, migraine, and more.

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For Patients

Have questions? Find a single point of contact with Supernus Support and get help with any of the following:

Delivering quality behavioral healthcare at reasonable costs is one of the most comples problems facing the healthcare industry today. While pressures mount to reduce cost and increase quality, patients have suffered from a lack of access to proper psychiatric care because of a shortage of licensed providers in their area.

For Doctors

We believe that the key to success is building a strong partnership between physicians, non-physician clinical staff, and administrative leaders. 

We accomplish this through active engagement of physicians, creating strong physician-administrative relationships dedicated to effective, efficient, impactful improvements that are endorsed by both physician and nursing governance.

We approach each client with an open mind and without predisposition. Each client is different and we tailor our solutions to meet the needs we hear. What differentiates us? Our projects are led by clinicians that walk in the very shoes our clients wear every day. Our ability to speak and listen as colleagues and peers allows us to deeply understand the problem and recommend the best practical solution that will produce measurable results.