Refund Policy

  • We will refund you 100% if your shipment does not arrive within 30 days.  We will track your shipment to make sure it arrives
  • ElysiumCentre will refund you 100% if your shipment arrives damaged.  Please take a picture of the damaged item with a paper next to it stating the date of the picture taken
  • We will NOT refund you if you decide to change your mind on the purchase after you’ve made the purchase.
  • We will NOT provide any refunds if it seems the product has been used or tampered with prior to taking the damage picture
  • We will NOT provide any refunds if within 5 days of receiving the product and damage was not reported
  • If you decide that you want us to reship a shipment instead of refunding, you may also request that as well and we will pay for the shipping cost.
  • If you ordered multiple items and only one or a few of the item was damaged we will only refund you for the ones that have been damaged and we will not reimburse you for shipping
  • If only part of your shipment arrived and the others did not, we will refund you for the item that did not arrive only but not the shipping cost.
  • If your complete order was damaged or did not arrive, we will refund you along with your shipping cost
  • For Western Union refunds, please email us your name and location, and after we’ve made the refund, we will email you back with an MCTN number. (We will take care of the fees and shipping cost)
  • For bitcoin refunds, the dollar amount in bitcoin will be sent back to your bitcoin wallet.  But please provide us with your wallet address
  • Please email with the title Refund and your order number as the title for any refund/replacement requests
  • Make sure to read our Terms and Conditions regarding payment methods

Account Services

  • It is in your discretion on whether you want to create an account or not when purchasing, but we would greatly encourage creating an account as a first-time purchaser.  All your information is protected and encrypted at an overseas server so the threat of a security leak is never a problem, and no one will ever know you purchase from the site other than the site administrator. Here are the reasons why creating an account may be beneficial to you.
    • You don’t have to re-enter your information every time you purchase
    • We send gifts out to our members on random occasions.

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