Shipping & Returns

We provide our customers with a variety of delivery options, as you can see on the checkout page, with free delivery options (available in some cases). We also offer an overnight delivery option in association with FedEx. Our other courier partners include US Postal Services, UPS, and DHL Express.

Total time for delivery is based on the amount of time it takes to get payment authorization, order processing, and the transit time from the carrier. You will receive an email once the order has been shipped to you. From the moment that you receive the email notifying you that your order has been shipped, the shipping time officially begins.

We offer an express shipping option in most locations throughout the world. Express shipping means that you will receive your medications between 1-3 business days after order fulfillment is complete (and you have received an email notification that your order has been shipped), whereas via standard shipping the delivery time is between 5-7 business days after order fulfillment is complete.

Your deliver options and fees are:

Express International Shipping $50 – 3 to 5 business days worldwide delivery.

In the unlikely event, you do not receive your order, ElysiumCentre will offer you a free-of-charge re-shipment or a full refund of your order. Please, notify us of any problems with your order as soon as possible and within 60 days of receiving your order.


We are offering you a list of a few conditions on which a customer may file and receive returns. It includes:


If you want to cancel an order, you should do it within three hours of payment. After that time, we will transfer your order to the shipping department, and you won’t get any refunds.

No reception

In a rare case, if the order does not reach its customer within 2 to 3 days of payment processing, the customer may request a refund. But we will not provide a refund in the following cases:

  • The address of the customer is wrong
  • Change in customers address
  • The order’s delivery is at the correct address, but there is no one to claim the package.

Ineffective products

Elysiumcentre is a reputable and one of the best online pharmacies. We believe in offering the best products. We provide a 100% guarantee of our medicines if any customer feels that the product they are receiving is ineffective. They can make a refund request on the same day or the next day without taking too much time to inform us. We will make a full refund only if the medicines are not damaged and delivered in the same condition. We will not provide a refund if the drugs are not in proper condition.

  • For customer information, we will transfer the refund amount to the same account from which we received the payment.


You can request a reshipment of the products only in the following cases:

1. Delay

In case of delay in product delivery, we advise the customers to inform the Customer Service Manager through the mail, chat, or phone, and we will check the status of your product on our end. We will arrange a re-dispatch immediately if we are unable to track the order.

2. Damaged products:

our shipping department ensures that no damage to the product occurs while packaging. But we provide free reshipping if the product gets damaged during shipping or on its way.

Read our Refund Policy